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Automation Alternatives for Human Resources
Competition between Payroll companies, PEOs, Agents, and Brokers is fierce.
The pace of change is fast due to technology improvements and legislation. The competition leapfrogs each other in meeting market demands.
Scottsdale Airpark News - May 2019 - #71 -

Try a 412(e)(3) Retirement Plan
for the highest deductions and tax savings.
There is a hierarchy of possible retirement plans for small business owners and professionals.
Scottsdale Airpark News - April 2019 - #70 -

Noom App - "Not A Diet”
Do you agree that taking care of yourself should be your number one objective or at least near the top?
After two weeks I lost six pounds and started to feel healthier and to sleep better.
Scottsdale Airpark News - March 2019 - #69 -

Expert interview on healthcare solutions
David Berg is president and founder of Redirect Health with headquarters at 13430 N. Scottsdale Road.
The staff at Redirect Health continues helping businesses find low cost, common sense healthcare solutions.
Scottsdale Airpark News - February 2019 - #68 -

Annuities Grow Wealth
Using Annuities as part of your financial plan is an action recommended for many people in their 50s and 60s.
The only way to find out is to speak with an agent or advisor who is knowledgeable on Annuities and who is open minded to their advantages.
Scottsdale Airpark News - January 2019 - #67 -

Don't get ripped of'
. . . there is still potential that you will get ripped off by machinations in our health care system.
Six practical tips to help you save, prevent abuse, and find the best solution.
Scottsdale Airpark News - December 2018 - #66 -

Health Care: Where Do We Go From Here?
By Stephen Billias for Paul Breslau, Breslau Insurance & Benefits Inc.
Let’s forget about liberal and conservative, Democrat and Republican for a moment. Both sides agree—all sides agree—that health care in the United States is a failing enterprise.
We are spending the most per capita, we have some of the finest medical schools in the world that are churning out highly qualified doctors, some of the best hospitals in the world. Yet compared against other developed countries, we lag behind.
Scottsdale Airpark News - November 2018 - #65 - Published Version - Credit to Stephen Billias

Arizona mini-COBRA
Arizona legislation passed Senate Bill 1217 to allow limited-time group continuation coverage.
To address the lack of options for employees (and/or their covered dependents) that lose their group insurance from their employer with fewer than 20 employees (as calculated in the previous calendar year).
Scottsdale Airpark News - October 2018 - #64 -

Save a Life with 21st Century Diagnostics
Do you know someone who has an un-diagnosed medical condition?
ARCpoint Labs of Scottsdale North offers over 30,000 tests to medical practitioners, consumers and employers – clinical, toxicology, genetic and forensic.
Scottsdale Airpark News - September 2018 - #63 -

Healthcare the Naturopathic Way
Founded upon a holistic philosophy, naturopathic medicine combines safe and effective traditional therapies with the most current advances in modern medicine.
In addition to the basic medical sciences and conventional diagnostics, naturopathic education includes therapeutic nutrition, botanical medicine, homeopathy, natural childbirth, classical Chinese medicine, hydrotherapy, naturopathic manipulative therapy, pharmacology and minor surgery.
Scottsdale Airpark News - August 2018 - #62 -

Pay As You Go Healthcare
Many people and businesses are realizing that health insurance doesn’t equal healthcare.
Our community has a problem with curtailing the costs of health care while simultaneously making it more accessible and efficient.
Scottsdale Airpark News - July 2018 - #61 -

Fore Scottsdale Safety
Two of the great amenities we are blessed with are the wonderful Greenbelt and many golf courses.
Future serious golf ball accidents that result in serious injury or death will be unavoidable unless there is a concerted effort to prevent them.

Scottsdale Airpark News - June 2018 - #60 -

Lorraine Longhi, Arizona Republic Article - April 2019

June 19th City Councel Petition

Greenbelt Golf Safety Study 8-28-18 Response

Severe Bruse Photo - Greenbelt Path + Continental Golf #4 - Ken McDonald Golf Course Screen

City Council Meeting Video - Downloads MP4 + skip to 3:30

Outside-The-Box Sedera Health
A business only Cost Sharing plan for employers has recently been introduced in Arizona.
Business advantages to Sedera Health include significant cash savings combined with restoration of the direct doctor-to-patient relationship in health care.
Scottsdale Airpark News - May 2018 - #59 -

Small Business Retirement Plans
Retirement plans main reason for existing is the tax savings they provide.
Many small business retirement plans are needlessly paying taxes because of inefficient 401k plan design or no plan at all.
Scottsdale Airpark News - April 2018 - #58 -

Numbers for Arizona and Airpark
There are over 3,000 businesses employing nearly 60,000 workers in the Scottsdale Airpark.
The health insurance premium total an astounding $401,400,000 based on estimated per person costs.
Scottsdale Airpark News - February 2018 - #57 -

Health Insurance Contingency Disaster Plan
Health Insurance should be a new contingency disaster plan topic for small Arizona businesses.
Small businesses in fully insured Community Rated ACA plans will more and more consist of those with older employees and those needing more medical care.
Scottsdale Airpark News - January 2018 - #56 -

Free Healthcare + Set Healthcare Free
A well-planned employee benefits program, including healthcare, can have a huge positive impact on your business.
Good programs create more favorable work environments by attracting better applicants and improving job satisfaction and employee retention. Successfully done the results flow directly to an improved bottom line.
Scottsdale Airpark News - November 2017 - #55

Voyage Phoenix - Feature

Full Page Ads for Complimentary Insurance + Benefit Recommendations

October 2017 - Airpark News - and - InBusiness

Health Care 3.0 is Arriving
A majority of employer based health insurance renewals will be worked on in the 4th Quarter.
Assemble a first-class team for your December or January health insurance renewal as well as a review of 401k plans, workers compensation, payroll, etc.
Scottsdale Airpark News - October 2017 - #54

Addicted to Medicine
I am a believer that our society is addicted, in general, to medical treatments and inefficient, expensive health care.
Furthermore, until we go through a multi-step program to overcome this addiction our communities are in for challenging times.
Scottsdale Airpark News - September 2017 - #53

Trumpcare Will Fail; Innovation Will Work
We must act to reorganize healthcare to be efficient and effective.
How will this healthcare game of “Jenga” be stopped before it topples?
Scottsdale Airpark News - April 2017 - #52

Bottom Line Boost
If you own or run a business, implementing two immediate insurance and benefits concepts will add significantly to the bottom line.
The first is in the 401k retirement plan arena and the second is to provide Health Care “first” by using the EverydayCare plan managed by Redirect Health.
Scottsdale Airpark News - February 2017 - #51

Crisis for Individual & Family Health Insurance
The Individual / Family health insurance market in Arizona in a disruptive period.
Tens of thousands of Arizona individual and family health insurance policy are being terminated as of 12/31/2016.
Scottsdale Airpark News - January 2017 - #50

8 Employer Health Solutions
Maintaining or starting a group health plan is increasingly difficult for many employers based in the Airpark and throughout Arizona.
Here are eight solutionsfor consideration, each accompanied by an opinion and/or pertinent fact.
Scottsdale Airpark News - September 2016 - #49

Your health insurance!
Revisited First Scottsdale Airpark News article published in November 2004.
The comments in bold after each paragraph highlight what has changed as of 2016.
Scottsdale Airpark News - August 2016 - #48

Companies, participants face challenges with health insurance
Statewide and National acquisitions, withdrawals, rate increases, and other corporate changes impact every employer and individual in Arizona.
The David Bowie lyric line in Changes “. . . You’ve left us up to our necks in it . . .” may best describe the Arizona health insurance and benefits marketplace challenges in the months and years ahead.
Scottsdale Airpark News - June 2016 - #47

Airpark Welcomes Redirect Health
“Redirect protects against overpricing and eliminates as much administration and waste as possible”.
Employers will achieve reduced costs and improved benefits with a quiet revolution in group health plans as envisioned by Redirect Health. The team is led by former Phoenix Mayor Paul Johnson and healthcare entrepreneur David Berg.
Scottsdale Airpark News - April 2016 - #46

Recommendations For Employers - Full Page Ad

Experts + Technology =
A collaborative approach to Human Resource solutions is the objective of the new website.
On Friday, October 23rd attend a luncheon at Ristorante Arreviderci from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. The guest speakers will stimulate and challenge you. If you employ 20 or more please sign up on or email
Scottsdale Airpark News - September 2015 - #45
Companion Full Page Ad

Affordable Care Act Realities
In 2014 many will experience profound changes to their health insurance.
Health insurance companies are in the process of rolling out new ACA compliant health insurance plans.
Scottsdale Airpark News - December 2013 - #44

Thoughts On Making Your Own Luck
Experts Share Opinions as '13 Draws to a Close - My interview on PDF page 4 (magazine page 30).
Given the fact that the media, Mayan legend, and mass hysteria predicted that the World itself would end in December 2012, we all should have entered 2013 feeling "lucky."
Scottsdale Business & Life Magazine - November 2013 - #43

ObamaCare is Nigh: You and the Exchange
As you read this article, the Exchange portion of Health Care Reform is days around the corner.
This means that you and every employer, individual and family will start to compare your current plans to what will soon be available.
Scottsdale Airpark News - September 2013 - #42

Chamber Benefits Administration
Decrease Your Group Health Costs 30% This Year!
The plan will provide average savings of about $1,000 per employee per year. Designed by the Chamber Benefit Administration, the program is now available to Scottsdale Chamber members with ten or more employees.
inBusiness Magazine - September 2012 - #41

‘Defined Contribution’ Insurance Option Gains Popularity
Some benefits experts advocate a shift to Defined Contribution employer health insurance . . .
In Defined Contribution Health the employer does not buy a group health insurance policy. Instead they fund an account for each employee.
Scottsdale Airpark News - September 2012 - #40

Free (or nearly) Airpark Paths to Health and Wellness
Two easily available, free or low-cost resources that everyone in the Airpark area should take advantage of.
Fit City Scottsdale and health insurance companies online member portals.
Scottsdale Airpark News - May 2012 - #39

Save With Chamber Health Plan
The Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce is introducing a new group health insurance plan . . .
“ . . . this will result in significant dollar savings for many of our business and non-profit members that have ten or more employees” according to Rick Kidder, Chamber President.
Scottsdale Airpark News - January 2012 - #38

Ways to Save
Using Consumer Directed Health Plans or Multi-Product Discounts will help you save . . . .
Work with experienced health insurance agents with good reputations. In addition to their sales acumen they should be knowledgeable with billing, enrollment, claims and other service issues that constantly arise.
Scottsdale Airpark News - September 2011 - #37

How to Make Small Immediate Improvements to Health Insurance
Regardless of political perspective most of us in the United States are not happy with our health insurance.
This article examines two micro actions many of us can take now for small immediate improvements.
Scottsdale Airpark News - April 2011 - #36

Will AZ106 Affect My Healthcare?
On Nov. 2, Arizona voters successfully passed Proposition 106. The bill will amend the Arizona Constitution by . . . .
Some legal experts predict federal law will win out - after extended and expensive litigation - making the proposition more symbolic than anything else.
Scottsdale Airpark News - January 2011 - #35 - Researched & Written By Brendan Dell, Dell Creative Content

Decades of Health Care Catharsis Lie Ahead
Healthcare and its financing continue in a slow motion crash measured in decades . . .
The guidance of a professional health insurance agent or consultant will become even more important when it is your turn in the healthcare financing hot seat.
Scottsdale Airpark News - September 2010 - #34

Health Insurance Improvement
Sweeping and “historic” health care reform laws . . . will impact each individual and business in America.
The health insurance and tax transitions ahead will challenge us all.
Scottsdale Airpark News - May 2010 - #33

Health Insurance Limbo
Health insurance today is in a state of Limbo defined as “an intermediate or transitional place” and “a state of uncertainty”.
First of all everyone should be prepared to pay more. / Secondly be prepared for complexity.
Scottsdale Airpark News - January 2010 - #32

Health Care Options & You
Advice for employer groups as well as individuals and families.
This article provides suggestions for what you can do now regarding health insurance.
Scottsdale Airpark News - September 2009 - #31

Fine Tuning Your Business Article
This article addresses steps for businesses to fine tune operations now . . .
Please use the services of the professionals quoted in this article) or find your own trusted advisors and fine tune your operations.
Article August 2009 - not published

InDeflation or DeInflation
The Scottsdale Airpark economic street view is . . . with some similarities to a financial forest fire.
Financial survival concepts related to health insurance and benefits impact every business, employer group, individual, and family.
Scottsdale Airpark News - July 2009 - #30 Web reprint - and Magazine reprint Adjust and Prosper

Urgent Life Review
A bi-annual life insurance review is recommended.
Immediate actions to consider involving life insurance to save premium, access cash, or prevent your policy from lapsing.
Scottsdale Airpark News - May 2009 - #29

Claims, Claims, Claims - Part 1
Health insurance companies will correct claims paying errors promptly once they are aware of them.
There is frequently a . . . Benefit Summary that highlights what is covered and what is excluded in the policy.
Scottsdale Airpark News - March 2009 - #28

Health Insurance Review Preview
Managed and orderly improvements appear to be in everyone’s best interest.
The health insurance bubble described in the first "Your Health Insurance" article published in November 2004 remains today.
Scottsdale Airpark News - January 2009 - #27

Dual Option Health Plans and Save
Difficult economic times demand creative solutions from businesses, professionals, and non-profits.
Agents and their clients will work harder to implement these programs but will be rewarded with savings.
Scottsdale Airpark News - November 2008 - #26

Navigating the Maze
Choosing the right health insurance agent.
. . . health insurance and benefits are complicated and costly.    A top health insurance agent can help manage relentless year after year premium increases . . .
Scottsdale Airpark News - September 2008 - #25

Unemployment and Health Insurance
This article focuses on the simple health insurance aspects of unemployment.
The route people take on health insurance is highly personal. Evaluate your situation and communicate it with the people trying to help you.
Scottsdale Airpark News - July 2008 - #24

Airpark News Briefs
Significa Insurance Group Expands Into Airpark.
This means we have open markets and Arizona tends to be a better place for business. Closed markets stagnate. In health insurance this means that, in comparison to other states, we have lower rates and more choices.
Scottsdale Airpark News - June 2008 - #23

Humana Chamber Partnership
This plan appears to be a well conceived program that will be successful for all participants.
To learn more about the partnership please contact the Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce or a qualified Humana health insurance agent.
Scottsdale Airpark News - March 2008 - #22

Freedom, Risk, Innovation
We Americans cherish our freedom, find risk exciting, and innovate like a pack of puppies.
Acknowledging these American traits will aide us in understanding the health insurance dilemma that is politically hot and has everyone talking. . Embracing these traits may also help us find solutions.
Scottsdale Airpark News - January 2008 - #21

Upgrading Simple IRA to 401k
A review might suggest the small business would be better suited in a 401(k) & Profit Sharing plan.
The upgrade to a 401(k) plan needs to occur before any contributions have been submitted to the Simple IRA in a given calendar year.
Scottsdale Airpark News - November 2007 - #20

Solving Benefit Puzzles
Health insurance issues frequently seen and approaches to solving them.
Work with your agent to match your benefits philosophy with what you are trying to accomplish.
Scottsdale Airpark News - September 2007 - #19

Out Of Hot Water
Offers a high level overview of healthcare financing issues.
The HSA situation is similar to a high flying baseball that falls untouched between players.
Scottsdale Airpark News - July 2007 - #18

Emerging Groups
Most of us are not like Bill Gates beginning at a young age from scratch.
This article examines health insurance and benefits implications of the new enterprise.
Scottsdale Airpark News - May 2007 - #17

What Is NOT Broken
Health insurance is not broken in Arizona.
Arizona has thriving private and public health insurance markets.
Scottsdale Airpark News - March 2007 - #16

Get Out of Jail Free
For small and large employer groups, individual, families, and senior citizens.
Tactics to escape prohibitive premiums, poor service, limited access to doctors, unresponsive agents . . .
Scottsdale Airpark News - January 2007 - #15

Does Size Matter
Lessons that help us make better health insurance decisions . . .
Health care and its financing have an unusual set of economic and social underpinnings . . .
Scottsdale Airpark News - November 2006 #14

Political Extra
A good healthcare platform is the topic of this article.
Improving healthcare and it’s financing by supporting bipartisan programs is a commitment for us all.
Scottsdale Airpark News - October 2006 - #13

Being There
A simple three step formula for success in Arizona in any profession.
Employers with better insurance and benefit programs have a competitive advantage keeping better employees, other things being equal.
Scottsdale Airpark News - September 2006 - #12

Insurance Cycles and You
For all lines of coverage you can save big with the right insurance company.
Insurance premiums have a cyclical component that varies by year and by decade . . .
Scottsdale Airpark News - July 2006 - #11

To Annuity or Not To Annuity
The question is: Are annuites a proper investment for you?
Seek expert advice from a qualified insurance agent to help with your annuity decision process.
Scottsdale Airpark News - May 2006 - #10

Back To Diapers and Spoon Feeding!
The years ending many of our lives will resemble our first years of life ...
Long Term Care Insurance is a cost effective risk management tool.
Scottsdale Airpark News - March 2006 - #9

Our Greatest Asset
Our ability to earn income, not our home equity, is the greatest asset for most of us.
Some of us are going to loose our greatest asset prior to retirement.
Scottsdale Airpark News - January 2006 - #8

Thanksgiving Resolutions
Benefits Goal, Death Spiral, Communications, Help or Thanksgiving!
November is the month many employers and their employees adjust benefits.
Scottsdale Airpark News - November 2005 - #7

Be Your Own Insurance Company
Turn the specter of health insurance premium increases to your favor.
Consult your CPA, Financial Advisor, or Insurance Agent on Health Savings Accounts
Scottsdale Airpark News - September 2005 - #6

Promises, Promises
Insurance, like marriage, is a promise between two parties.
Improve your satisfaction with your insurance coverage.
Scottsdale Airpark News - July 2005 - #5

Wealthy and Healthy for Eternity
The Perfect Place to Say Wealthy and Healthy for Eternity
Periodically adjust financials, find good practioners, stay healthy, for ever ...
Scottsdale Airpark News - May 2005 - #4

A Charmed Friend or a Dangerous Threat
COBRA, HIPAA; navigate complex health insurance options ...
State and federal politicians try to fix health insurance over a period of five decades.
Scottsdale Airpark News - March 2005 - #3

Take the Money, Not the Prize
Premiums for many have become outrageous and prohibitive.
Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and other consumer directed health insurance.
Scottsdale Airpark News - January 2005 - #2

Your Health Insurance
The good news is you are alive; the bad news is you can't afford it.
Annual 15% increases due to more expensive medical care administered more frequently PLUS ADDITIONAL annual increase of about 15% due to aging.
Scottsdale Airpark News - November 2004 - #1

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